Astrid Eichhorn, Michael Saliba, Erik Schilling

Dare to co-design?!
Anna Cord

It is time to rethink the role of leadership (in science) – a polemic
Astrid Eichhorn

Shifting roles at home? Division of labour within families during and after the coronavirus pandemic
Lena Hipp

Pure curiosity? Why the public is interested in science
Lukas Haffert

The art lies in finding the balance
Miriam Akkermann

Shifting roles in psychotherapy
Philipp Kanske

Role Changes – 8 Vignettes
Jan Hennings, Astrid Eichhorn, Garvin Brod, Jessica Burgner-Kahrs, Isabelle Dolezalek, René Orth, Erik Schilling, Lara Keuck and Oliver Rymek

Impressum JAM #27

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